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About the Candidate


I am Dr. Avanese "Ava" Taylor, a native of Syracuse, NY.  I am on active duty and have honorably served in the United States Navy for 17 years. Since School Board races are nonpartisan, I am allowed the opportunity to not only serve my country but also the children and families in Brevard. Beyond my military service, I am a committed community member and parent of a BPS student. My academic journey includes a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology from Capella University, a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University, all of which contribute to her deep understanding of the importance of quality education.​


Brevard needs a moderate, nonpartisan representative who will serve with transparency, integrity, and excellence. I aim to promote high standards for all children, ensuring they have access to a safe and supportive educational environment staffed by qualified professionals.  I intend to eliminate partisan and political distractions and redirect the focus of Brevard Public Schools towards critical priorities: retaining and supporting teachers, enhancing literacy and math achievement for all students, and preparing them to be productive members of society.


Unfortunately, my family has felt firsthand the negative impact of the intense partisan politics of school boards. My son was a victim of hazing at Viera High School.  Rather than prioritizing transparency, elected leaders focused on controlling the narrative in the media. This led to an insufficient response to the hazing issue. Through advocating for my son, I directly observed several significant challenges within our District that, if not addressed, may negatively impact other students.  These challenges include: safety issues, a lack of transparency, unequal disciplinary practices, difficulties in retaining staff, and a lack of decorum during meetings that undermine the integrity and reputation of Brevard.


In a quest for a better future, investing in the education of our children is paramount. I am dedicated to putting students first and understand that teachers are the backbone of our education system. Every child deserves a quality education that equips them for success, whether they choose to pursue college, trade school, military service, or the workforce.


Let’s TAYLOR the future together!

Our Mission
Campaign Issues

School Safety

We need a modern approach that addresses all aspects of safety including mental health resources, qualified highly trained resource officers, and anti-bullying/hazing programs that will ensure all students feel safe at school.

Children Arriving at School
Making Smoothie

Encourage Collaboration

Parents and teachers deserve open communication and mutual respect to effectively collaborate and advocate for the best interests of students, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning environment.


Ava's commitment to accountable leadership encompasses transparency, responsiveness, and a focus on results. Through her leadership, she seeks to build trust, foster collaboration, and create a culture of continuous improvement and success within the District.


Grassroots donations are welcome!

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